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10 Heartfelt Signs Your Departed Loved Ones Are Close By

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If you’ve ever felt a mysterious tug at your heart or a whisper in the wind that seems all too familiar, you might be experiencing the subtle ways a deceased loved one says, “I’m still with you.” Welcome to a journey through the heartwarming realm of the unseen, where the bonds of love transcend the physical world. In this article, we delve into 10 signs a deceased loved one is nearby.

These signs are gentle reminders that our connections with those we’ve lost continue in ways that are both profound and heartening. Whether it’s through a dream that’s too real to dismiss or a sudden scent that brings back a flood of memories, the essence of those who have passed remains interwoven with our lives. Let’s explore these mysterious cues of life and the reassurance they bring, as we navigate the tender process of holding on to the love that never truly leaves us.

Core Insights

  • Deceased loved ones communicate their presence through various signs like sensing a presence, hearing a voice, smelling a fragrance, experiencing visitation dreams, and noticing material manifestations like flickering lights or moving items.
  • Emotional and symbolic signs, including vivid dreams called visitation dreams, unusual animal behavior, and the recurrence of specific numbers or patterns, may indicate a loved one’s presence and support.
  • Recognizing these signs involves considering the context, timing, emotional impact, and authenticity, helping to determine if the experience truly reflects a connection with the deceased.
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1. Sensing a Connection in Familiar Places

Familiar Places

A loved one may subtly attempt to connect by inducing a sense of their presence in familiar surroundings. It could be a sudden feeling of warmth in their favorite spot or a shift in the atmosphere in a place they loved, almost as if they are there with you, enjoying the moment once more. This sense of peace and calm in a familiar place can be an intuitive sign of their nearby presence, as if they are reaching out across the divide to offer comfort and reassurance.

At times, even a gentle caress, such as a hand brushing your arm when no one is there, could serve as a physical indication of contact from a deceased loved one, transcending the boundaries of their physical body. It’s these moments, these subtle yet profound experiences, that can feel as real as any touch from a living being, suggesting that the bonds of love and memory can persist in ways that defy our understanding of the physical world.

2. Dream Encounters

Visitation Dream

Occasionally, we receive communication from our departed loved ones through our dreams. These are not your typical dreams but rather visitation dreams, which are more vivid, realistic, and memorable. They often carry specific messages from the deceased, offering advice, providing comfort, and conveying a sense of purpose. These dreams can be emotionally intense, reflecting the enduring bonds of love and support between the dreamer and the deceased.

Negative grief dreams can be unsettling, symbolizing the dreamer’s internal conflicts and mourning. However, these dreams do not necessarily reflect a troubled relationship with the deceased. Instead, they provide a space for individuals to work through their loss and maintain a connection with those who have passed.

By reflecting on the dreams and the shared history with the deceased, individuals can find meaning and comfort. Analyzing personal dream symbols and their relevance can also help in understanding these nocturnal encounters, aiding in the healing and grieving process itself.

It’s in these quiet moments of reflection that the pieces of a larger puzzle can come together, revealing messages that may have been obscured by the chaos of waking life. These dreams can serve as a bridge between the living and the deceased, offering a space for continued relationship and closure.

3. Aromas and Scents

The profound link between scent and memory is undeniable, and the sudden whiff of a familiar fragrance can be a comforting indication of a deceased loved one’s spiritual presence. Picture yourself entering a space and being welcomed by the distinct aroma of your loved one’s signature cologne or perfume, or perhaps an unexpected scent like cigarette smoke, with no obvious source.

These olfactory encounters with passed loved one often happen during moments of personal significance or transition, offering solace and sometimes acting as a catalyst for personal growth. The experience of recognizing a loved one’s scent can stir feelings of comfort, as well as a sense of motivation or direction, as if the loved one is there, guiding from beyond with a sensory sign deeply personal and evocative.

During times of reflection, decision-making, or when their memory is particularly vivid, the presence of a unique scent can serve as a potent reminder of a loved one’s enduring spirit and love.

4. Symbolic Animals and Insects

Symbolic Animals

Our loved ones might employ the abundant symbols in the natural world to convey messages to us. The presence of creatures like cardinals or butterflies in unusual circumstances may be a message from a deceased loved one. A specific creature suddenly offering peace of mind or calmness during challenging times can indicate it is acting as a messenger from a deceased loved one.

Encounters with these symbolic animals and insects can provide comfort to those mourning, feeling as though their lost ones are reassuring and guiding them.

5. Musical Connections

Favorite Song

The emotive power of music can take us on a journey back in time. Hearing a deceased loved one’s favorite song in unexpected places, like in a public setting or on the radio, can be a meaningful sign that they are reaching out to you. Melodies playing in our minds, especially those with significant lyrics, might offer guidance or solutions to our problems, signifying a loved one’s presence and influence.

The recurrence of a loved one’s favorite song is a tender reminder of their enduring love, suggesting their spirit is with us.

6. Mysterious Appearances and Disappearances

Our departed loved ones occasionally play gentle pranks on us. Mysterious appearances and disappearances of objects can be a playful way for them to get our attention. This is often referred to as the Disappearing Object Phenomenon (DOP), where items vanish from their usual spot and cannot be found despite thorough searching, only to be found later in the same spot or another obvious place where they should have been noticed during the search. Some common examples of the DOP include:

  • Keys disappearing from a key rack and reappearing in a pocket or purse.
  • Glasses disappearing from a table and reappearing on a shelf.
  • Jewelry disappearing from a jewelry box and reappearing on a dresser.

These playful pranks can bring comfort and a sense of connection with the spirit guides our departed loved ones.

Personal anecdotes and experiences suggest that this phenomenon often occurs with items of personal value or significance in the physical world, supporting the belief that it may be a form of communication or playful interaction from a spiritual presence.

7. Electrical Phenomena

Energy manipulation is a common method used by the spirit world for communication. Unusual electrical behaviors such as lights flickering, appliances turning on by themselves, and volumes changing unexpectedly, are often reported as signs from a deceased loved one. A psychic medium can help interpret these signs and establish a connection with the loved one in the spirit world.

Visual manifestations of spiritual energy in the spirit realm can also be observed in the physical realm, including balls of electrical energy, known as orbs, and streaks of light moving through thin airor appearing from peripheral vision.

8. Repeating Numbers and Patterns

Our loved ones may use the language of numbers to reach out to us. Encountering sequences of repeating numbers, often referred to as angel numbers, can signify their presence from the spiritual realm.

These sequences often show up in everyday places, like on digital displays or street signs. When they correlate with meaningful dates such as birthdays or anniversaries, it’s as if our loved ones are trying to catch our attention, assuring us they’re still with us.

9. Pets' Reactions

With their heightened sensitivity to subtle energies, our pets might perceive the presence of a deceased loved one before us. Pets may exhibit unusual behaviors such as fixating on corners or spaces where nothing appears to be present, suggesting they sense a familiar presence or spirit.

Visible signs of communication or playful interactions by pets with seemingly empty spaces could be considered indicators of a deceased loved one’s attempt at contact.

10. Nature's Messages

Nature serves as a splendid canvas for our departed loved ones to inscribe messages. Experiencing sudden unexplained weather phenomena, such as an unexpected fog or a gust of wind in calm conditions, can be perceived as significant events and signs from a deceased loved one.

Witnessing natural light phenomena, especially occurrences like a bright and warm light or distinct shafts of light without an apparent source, may be seen as manifestations clear signs of a loved one reaching out from beyond.

Is it possible to feel a deceased loved one's presence?

While it may sound mystical, feeling the presence of a deceased loved one is a common experience. In fact, studies show that nearly half of respondents reported experiences of feeling their deceased family members or spouse’s presence. These experiences can be brief or long-lasting, intense or subtle, and are often associated with a sense of connection rather than physical nearness.

It’s a comforting and benign experience that reminds us of our enduring connection with those who have passed away.

When do you feel the presence of a deceased loved one?

The presence of a deceased loved one is often felt in various situations in real life, such as:

  • Periods of prolonged grief.
  • Fear and avoidance.
  • Societal stigma.
  • Unresolved issues with the departed.
  • Counseling and therapy sessions.

Spiritual, religious, or existential meaning-making, or during special moments of joy.

What should I do If I receive a sign from my loved one?

The reception of a sign from a loved one is a moment of significance. It’s important to be open to receiving them as they may be subtle. You can communicate back through thoughts, speaking out loud, or writing a letter. You can also create an altar at home, engage in hobbies or activities that the loved one enjoyed, visit their favorite places, or even seek guidance or help from a medium, engage in prayer, or meditation.

How Do Loved Ones Communicate After Death?

The communication from our loved ones after death can manifest in a multitude of ways. You might feel a sudden warmth or chill in the room, indicating their presence, or hear a whisper that echoes their voice.

Sometimes, it’s the soft touch on your shoulder when you’re alone or the distinct scent of their perfume in the air. They may even appear before you, either as a fleeting shadow or in a more tangible form. Loved ones can also choose symbols or specific environmental manipulations to get your attention, like the unexpected flicker of lights. And when we sleep, they might visit our dreams to deliver their messages directly to our hearts.

How can I be sure that these signs are really from my loved one?

It’s natural to question whether the signs being experienced genuinely originate from a loved one. To be certain, consider the following factors when evaluating a particular sign:

  • The context and timing of the sign.
  • The specificity of the sign.
  • The emotional impact of the sign.
  • The form of communication used in the sign.
  • The authenticity of the sign.

By recognizing signs and considering these factors, you can determine whether the signs are truly coming from your loved one.

Common signs from our loved ones, such as a family member, often evoke a strong sense of love, comfort, and reassurance.

What does it mean when a deceased person visits you?

A visitation from a deceased individual typically holds profound and significant implications in dream analysis. It might be interpreted as a warning, news, or important information for the dreamer. These visits often convey feelings of reassurance and love, indicating their continued presence in the lives of those they left behind.

During such visits, the lost loved person may convey feelings of reassurance and love, indicating their continued presence in the lives of those they left behind.

How long after someone dies can they communicate with you?

Spirits have no set timeline for communication after death. They might try to establish connection shortly after passing, or it might take a longer duration. The communication process with spirits requires attentiveness and energy, and can involve all the senses including:

  • Images
  • Sounds
  • Feelings
  • Tastes
  • Smells

Not every being in spirit is equally skilled at communicating immediately after they cross over. This can depend on whether they are older souls with this knowledge already in their spiritual memory banks.

What are the signs from a loved one in heaven?

Signs emanating from a loved one in heaven can weave a tapestry of comfort and reassurance through various means. They might make their presence known by whispering in our ears, leaving the gentle pressure of a touch on our shoulders, or wafting through the air with a familiar fragrance.

Visual appearances of spiritual people may come in fleeting glimpses or full-bodied visions, while dreams might serve as a conduit for out-of-body experiences. Some may even report receiving phone calls with no one on the other end, or witness material manifestations like a picture falling off the wall without reason. Symbols, too, often emerge as personal and meaningful signs from those watching over us from beyond.


To sum up, our loved ones frequently devise ways to signal their presence to us post-death. They provide signs of comfort, love, and reassurance, each unique to the individual spirit. These signs can be as simple as sensing a presence, hearing a voice, or smelling a familiar fragrance.

There can also be more complex signs such as visions, visitation dreams, and material manifestations, which include lights flickering or items moving.

Frequently Asked Questions on Deceased Visitings

How do you know if a deceased loved one is visiting you?

You can tell if your deceased loved one is visiting you if you notice specific signs, like sudden familiar smells, changes in temperature, or seeing their favorite flowers. Trust your intuition and the subtle signs around you to feel their presence.

How do you connect with those who have passed?

You can connect with those who have passed by engaging in activities that remind you of them, such as visiting their favorite spot or looking through old photos, to honor their memory and keep their spirit alive.

Can you smell a loved one who passed away?

Yes, it’s possible to feel the smell, light energy, or warmth of a loved one who has passed away. These experiences can be very powerful and may bring a sense of comfort, despite feeling disturbing at times.

How do you receive messages from a deceased person?

You can receive messages from a deceased person by reading through old texts, listening to saved voicemails, keeping their social media accounts active. These methods can help you continue to connect with your loved one even after they’ve passed.

How do you know if someone who passed away is with you?

You may know if someone who passed away is with you through common signs and the presence of a dead loved one. Look for these signs to feel their presence with you.

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Article By
Picture of Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson is a highly regarded content writer at Blissful Destiny, professional astrologer, and practicing psychic. With a passion for guiding and enlightening others, Tisha has been making a significant impact in the metaphysical realm since 2014. As a practicing professional psychic, Tisha has provided invaluable guidance and insights to individuals from all walks of life.
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