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The 11 Best Psychics in Vancouver, British Columbia 2024

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In this post, we’ll take a guided tour of the top psychic mediums in Vancouver, BC. From mediums who can communicate with spirits, to tarot readers who can interpret the cards’ intricate symbolism in person readings, and astrologers who can chart your horoscope accurately — Vancouver psychic landscape offers a wide range of experiences. Stay tuned as we reveal the most reputed, reliable, and transformative psychic reading and astrology experiences in Vancouver..

In a Rush? 6 Top Vancouver Psychics

We assessed all 105 psychics in Vancouver, BC to choose the top 11, conducting detailed reviews of each provider’s services, specializations, pricing, and business practices.

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Research Methodology For Vancouver Psychics

At Blissful Destiny, integrity, transparency, and client satisfaction are at the core of our values. We prioritize delivering reliable and trustworthy research results that our readers can depend on. Our team of experienced researchers follows strict ethical guidelines to ensure the highest level of professionalism and accuracy in our work.

Our approach combines industry expertise, cutting-edge tools, and ethical practices to provide accurate and actionable insights to our readers. Through our research process, we aim to demystify psychic readings, provide guidance to avoid fraud and scams, and find the most trustworthy psychics in the Vancouver, British Columbia area.

Platform Authenticity (50%)

Reputation, legitimacy assessment, transparency.

Confidentiality (25%)

Security and guarantee of confidentiality.

User Experience (25%)

Evaluation of services, user feedback and satisfaction.

30 Research Criteria
105 Psychics Analyzed
11 Top Picks

The 11 Leading Psychic Readings in Vancouver

We have meticulously evaluated local Vancouver psychic readers, considering a comprehensive range of distinct factors, to identify those who provide the most enriching and insightful psychic readings. Down below are our top picks:

We would be grateful if you could reference  BlissfulDestiny.com when engaging with the Vancouver psychics mentioned below and encourage them to reach out to us directly so that we may discuss and secure the most favorable terms for our valued readers.

1. Psychic Readings by The Mystic Medicines

1118 Richards St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1R3, Canada
Mystic Medicines, rooted in the ancient wisdom of Indigenous medicine people and spiritual healers, provides insight into the spiritual realm. Descended from generations of Nehiyaw (Cree) healers, their spiritualists employ extrasensory perception to uncover hidden truths and guide individuals through personal challenges.
They offer support in health, heart, and financial matters, utilizing traditional practices to enhance lives and dispel negativity.

2. Spiritual Guidance by Andrea F. Woodhouse

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Andrea F. Woodhouse is an intuitive healer with a background in family constellation therapy, offering a multidimensional approach to personal growth and healing. Drawing from her lineage of healers, she specializes in navigating the complexities of change and loss, clearing energy fields, and fostering a deeper connection to the source.
Her practice is characterized by a sensitivity to group consciousness and a dedication to her own healing journey, holding space for grief and the profound sense of not belonging, guiding individuals towards vitality and alignment.

3. Insightful Readings by Medium Maria Melo

Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Born on a mystical island in the Azores, medium Maria Melo discovered her spiritual gifts at a young age amidst the traditions and tight-knit community of her hometown. Her unique ability to connect with the spirit world first revealed itself when she was visited by her late uncle, an experience that filled her with peace and a sense of purpose.
Maria has since devoted her life to using her clairvoyant talents to bring solace and healing to others grieving their lost loved ones. Having enriched countless lives with her readings, she immigrated to Canada and now enjoys a fulfilling life in British Columbia with her life partner, Terry, surrounded by a loving family that includes her two children, a daughter-in-law, two granddaughters, and an extended family of four stepchildren and eleven step-grandchildren.

4. Psychic Sessions by Chris Bennett — The Tarot Medium

Cuquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Chris Bennett, a tarot reader and spiritual medium from Coquitlam, British Columbia, has a lifelong connection with the spiritual realm, marked by prophetic dreams and visions since childhood. Under the guidance of mentors like Brough Perkins, Chris honed their psychic abilities, offering profound medium readings that validate life beyond death.
Integrating tarot into their practice, Chris uses the cards' narrative power to guide clients through life's uncertainties. Known for personalized readings that aim to conquer fear with love, Chris offers sessions online via Zoom, promising a transformative experience.

5. Medium Healing by Sara Psychic Reader

4388 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P9, Canada
Sara Psychic Reader, with over 30 years of experience, offers insightful palm, tarot card, and psychic readings to guide individuals through life’s challenges. Specializing in love, marriage, and career advice, she is adept at clearing negative energy and counteracting evil influences. Her services include a combination special for comprehensive guidance.

6. Psychic & Medium Readings by Victoria Sacred — VS Spiritualist

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Victoria Sacred, known as VS Spiritualist, is a seasoned spiritual advisor, Reiki master, and spiritual counselor dedicated to serving the divine and promoting love and light. Her extensive experience, coupled with her background in psychology, parapsychology, and various healing modalities, enables her to offer a broad range of services with a specialization in relationships and self-discovery.
VS Spiritualist approaches her work with an open heart, providing guidance, spiritual healing, and messages from beyond without judgment. She empowers clients to embrace the present, harness their unique talents, and pursue personal growth. To benefit from her compassionate support and expertise, reach out to VS Spiritualist.

7. Spiritual Services & Tarot by Tegan

316 W 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L1, Canada
Tegan offers insightful tarot readings, tapping into telepathic symbols and patterns to deliver personalized messages and guidance. With a non-judgmental approach, Tegan provides emotional support and empowers clients, facilitating their creative and spiritual growth.
Since 2007, Tegan has utilized tarot to help individuals navigate complex personal challenges, unlock emotional blocks, and foster authentic self-expression. Through the tarot's archetypal framework, Tegan aids clients in connecting with higher consciousness and achieving greater personal clarity.

8. Spiritual Guidance by Juan The Psychic

1026 Davie St Suite 310, Vancouver, BC V6E 1M3, Canada
Colombian-born Juan The Psychic, a third-generation clairvoyant, has been honing his mediumship and empathic abilities since childhood under the guidance of his family. With a practice rooted in deep meditation, Juan offers insightful readings characterized by compassion and non-judgment.
Available for consultations in various formats, including in-person and online, Juan assists clients globally with matters of love, relationships, career, and more, promoting a sense of well-being and spiritual clarity.

9. Insightful Sessions by Psychic Oracle Laura

1917 W 4th Ave #132, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M7, Canada
Oracle Laura is a psychic medium, spiritual teacher, healer, life coach, and psychic detective, as well as a TV and radio celebrity and host of The Oracle Laura Show. She has dedicated her life to providing psychic readings.
Additional information about Oracle Laura's work and her contributions to the field can be found on various platforms including Google, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gab, MeWe, Gettr, Reddit, and Stage32. Her insights and experiences are also shared in her book, 'Oracle Exposed,' which is available on Amazon.

10. Psychic Readings & Healing by Mystic Courtney

3565 Taschereau Blvd no 20, Saint-Hubert, Quebec J4T 2G2, Canada
Mystic Courtney, an interdisciplinary healer, combines her extensive training in 7-Threads Animistic Folk medicine, Western Herbalism, and yoga with a natural intuition honed since childhood. Her practice, enriched by mentors like Dr. Seshat and apprenticeships in traditional healing, integrates crystal work and herbal expertise.
Based in Vancouver since 2007, she offers holistic health services and her own line of herbal products.

11. Transformative Sessions by Psychic Danna Calli

1235 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1S4, Canada
Danna Calli is an internationally recognized psychic medium from Vancouver, Canada, renowned for her transformative readings and profound claircognizance. Her ability to channel divine information allows her to provide clients with insights into their past, present, and future, enriching their human experience.
With a deep connection to higher realms, Danna offers messages from the spirit world with respect and humility, inspiring hope and belief in the continuum of life and love, all while providing support with warmth and empathy.
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Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson is a highly regarded content writer at Blissful Destiny, professional astrologer, and practicing psychic. With a passion for guiding and enlightening others, Tisha has been making a significant impact in the metaphysical realm since 2014. As a practicing professional psychic, Tisha has provided invaluable guidance and insights to individuals from all walks of life.
Article By
Picture of Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson is a highly regarded content writer at Blissful Destiny, professional astrologer, and practicing psychic. With a passion for guiding and enlightening others, Tisha has been making a significant impact in the metaphysical realm since 2014. As a practicing professional psychic, Tisha has provided invaluable guidance and insights to individuals from all walks of life.
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