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The 9 Best Psychics in Phoenix, Arizona 2024

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In this post, we’ll take a guided tour of the top psychic mediums in Phoenix, AZ. From mediums who can communicate with spirits, to tarot readers who can interpret the cards’ intricate symbolism in person readings, and astrologers who can chart your horoscope accurately — Phoenix psychic landscape offers a wide range of experiences. Stay tuned as we reveal the most reputed, reliable, and transformative psychic reading and astrology experiences in Phoenix..

In a Rush? 6 Top Phoenix Psychics

We assessed all 78 psychics in Phoenix, AZ to choose the top 9, conducting detailed reviews of each provider’s services, specializations, pricing, and business practices.

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Research Methodology For Phoenix Psychics

At Blissful Destiny, integrity, transparency, and client satisfaction are at the core of our values. We prioritize delivering reliable and trustworthy research results that our readers can depend on. Our team of experienced researchers follows strict ethical guidelines to ensure the highest level of professionalism and accuracy in our work.

Our approach combines industry expertise, cutting-edge tools, and ethical practices to provide accurate and actionable insights to our readers. Through our research process, we aim to demystify psychic readings, provide guidance to avoid fraud and scams, and find the most trustworthy psychics in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Platform Authenticity (50%)

Reputation, legitimacy assessment, transparency.

Confidentiality (25%)

Security and guarantee of confidentiality.

User Experience (25%)

Evaluation of services, user feedback and satisfaction.

30 Research Criteria
78 Psychics Analyzed
9 Top Picks

The 9 Leading Psychic Readings in Phoenix

We have meticulously evaluated local Phoenix psychic readers, considering a comprehensive range of distinct factors, to identify those who provide the most enriching and insightful psychic readings. Down below are our top picks:

We would be grateful if you could reference  BlissfulDestiny.com when engaging with the Phoenix psychics mentioned below and encourage them to reach out to us directly so that we may discuss and secure the most favorable terms for our valued readers.

1. Readings by Evidential Medium Christopher Mendez

Phoenix, Arizona, US
Christopher Mendez, an evidential psychic medium from the Phoenix metro area, attributes his remarkable abilities to a divine gift from Christ. His spiritual journey began in childhood within the Victorian homes of the Hudson Valley, where he frequently sensed spirits. His early fear turned to acceptance as he grew, and he began to use his talents to help others, especially after his mother’s passing in 2020 and a pivotal moment at the Chapel of The Holy Cross in Sedona.
Committed to serving through his psychic mediumship, Christopher offers comfort and guidance to those dealing with grief and personal challenges, focusing on truth, compassion, and healing in his readings.

2. Spiritual Guidance by Diantha Rose Psychic

22543 N 95th Dr, Peoria, AZ 85383, United States
Diantha Rose, a psychic medium, has provided readings for a diverse clientele, including judges, healthcare workers, educators, and homemakers, regardless of their religious beliefs. Possessing innate abilities since childhood, she embraced her spiritual calling in her mid-thirties, embarking on an intensive spiritual journey.
Through her continuous personal growth, Diantha offers deep insights, believing that true self-discovery extends beyond initial messages and into the journey that follows. She encourages embracing the ongoing evolution of the self, likening life to an endless series of stories, each leading to the next.

3. Insightful Sessions With Psychic Reader in Phoenix

2225 E Indianola Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85016, United States
In Phoenix, a psychic reader known for her expertise in love, Barbara, provides a range of services including tarot, palm, and crystal ball readings, alongside chakra balancing and energy healing. With over two decades of experience, she has a reputation for reuniting loved ones and offering clarity in one’s life path.
Nicholas, another esteemed psychic in the area, connects with spirits to deliver messages from beyond, offering compassionate insights into personal journeys with his detailed readings.

4. Healing & Guidance by Psychic David

1122 E Garfield St Unit B, Phoenix, AZ 85006, United States
With over 25 years of experience, Psychic David from Phoenix, Arizona, offers guidance through readings that cover love, family, career, and purpose. Utilizing ancestral techniques such as crystals and healing herbs, he provides insight into future challenges and helps clients achieve peace and happiness. Testimonials highlight his accuracy and comforting presence, making him a trusted advisor for those seeking clarity in life’s journey.

5. Love & Relationship Guidance With Psychic Angalina

4214 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85013, United States
Psychic Angalina, with over 15 years of experience, specializes in love and relationship issues, offering guidance through life’s emotional upheavals. Recognized from a young age for her unique connection with greater powers, she has dedicated her life to assisting others in need. Whether it’s finding new love, reuniting with an old flame, or navigating the complexities of break-ups and negative influences, Angalina provides support and clarity.
She often travels to places like Sedona, AZ, for deep meditation and spiritual work, enhancing her abilities to help clients overcome various personal challenges.

6. Spiritual Products — Believe In Magic & Biltmore Psychic Shop

945 E Missouri Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85014, United States
At Believe In Magic & Biltmore Psychic Shop, visitors can experience a diverse array of mystical services. From aura readings and palmistry to chakra alignment and crystal healing, the shop offers a condensed yet potent suite of spiritual practices. They also provide past life regressions, meditation sessions, and spiritual counseling, all aimed at fostering holistic well-being and spiritual insight.

7. Coaching & Mediumship by Psychic Amanda Marquez

Phoenix, Arizona, US
Psychic Amanda Marquez, renowned for her psychic readings, mediumship, and coaching, embarked on her spiritual journey in 2014, a transformative period she describes as the “Dark Night of the Soul.” Through intense self-reflection and battles with her inner demons, she emerged with a profound connection to spirit guides, angels, and ancestors.
Marquez's experiences have honed her abilities to channel specific messages and guidance for those navigating their spiritual awakening. Her insights and daily guidance on metaphysical topics can be followed on her YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook platforms.

8. Spiritual Services by Psychic Arizona

1323 E Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020, United States
Psychic Arizona, with over 16 years of experience, offers insightful readings with a straightforward approach. Gifted by a higher power rather than formal education, she provides guidance on various aspects of life including love, health, and career.
Her psychic abilities are said to help clients achieve their goals and find true connections, offering predictions with a claimed 98% accuracy. Arizona's readings aim to reveal past, present, and future insights, helping individuals navigate toward their desired outcomes without sugarcoating the truths revealed to them.

9. Spiritual Guidance by Psychic Extraordinaire

4727 E Lafayette Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85018, United States
Psychic Extraordinaire offers personalized readings, tuning into clients’ vibrations to provide insights without the need for specific questions, although these are welcome. Covering various life aspects from career to past lives, the psychic utilizes clairvoyance—seeing images, hearing words, and tapping into all senses—to deliver messages for clients’ highest good.
Tarot cards are available upon request, but the focus is on the psychic's innate abilities. Clients are advised to ensure a distraction-free environment for the most accurate readings, abstaining from bringing pets or children unless previously agreed upon.
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Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson is a highly regarded content writer at Blissful Destiny, professional astrologer, and practicing psychic. With a passion for guiding and enlightening others, Tisha has been making a significant impact in the metaphysical realm since 2014. As a practicing professional psychic, Tisha has provided invaluable guidance and insights to individuals from all walks of life.
Article By
Picture of Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson is a highly regarded content writer at Blissful Destiny, professional astrologer, and practicing psychic. With a passion for guiding and enlightening others, Tisha has been making a significant impact in the metaphysical realm since 2014. As a practicing professional psychic, Tisha has provided invaluable guidance and insights to individuals from all walks of life.
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