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The 12 Best Psychics in Brisbane, Australia 2024

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In this post, we’ll take a guided tour of the top psychic mediums in Brisbane, AU. From mediums who can communicate with spirits, to tarot readers who can interpret the cards’ intricate symbolism in person readings, and astrologers who can chart your horoscope accurately — Brisbane psychic landscape offers a wide range of experiences. Stay tuned as we reveal the most reputed, reliable, and transformative psychic reading and astrology experiences in Brisbane..

In a Rush? 6 Top Brisbane Psychics

We assessed all 105 psychics in Brisbane, AU to choose the top 12, conducting detailed reviews of each provider’s services, specializations, pricing, and business practices.

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Research Methodology For Brisbane Psychics

At Blissful Destiny, integrity, transparency, and client satisfaction are at the core of our values. We prioritize delivering reliable and trustworthy research results that our readers can depend on. Our team of experienced researchers follows strict ethical guidelines to ensure the highest level of professionalism and accuracy in our work.

Our approach combines industry expertise, cutting-edge tools, and ethical practices to provide accurate and actionable insights to our readers. Through our research process, we aim to demystify psychic readings, provide guidance to avoid fraud and scams, and find the most trustworthy psychics in the Brisbane, Australia area.

Platform Authenticity (50%)

Reputation, legitimacy assessment, transparency.

Confidentiality (25%)

Security and guarantee of confidentiality.

User Experience (25%)

Evaluation of services, user feedback and satisfaction.

30 Research Criteria
105 Psychics Analyzed
12 Top Picks

The 12 Leading Psychic Readings in Brisbane

We have meticulously evaluated local Brisbane psychic readers, considering a comprehensive range of distinct factors, to identify those who provide the most enriching and insightful psychic readings. Down below are our top picks:

We would be grateful if you could reference  BlissfulDestiny.com when engaging with the Brisbane psychics mentioned below and encourage them to reach out to us directly so that we may discuss and secure the most favorable terms for our valued readers.

1. Readings by Psychic Twin Featherz

Unit 42/32 Macrossan St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Psychic Twin Featherz, also known as Donna, is a free-spirited traveler with a profound passion for the spiritual and paranormal realms. She is recognized for her warm heart and her dedication to utilizing her intuitive psychic abilities for spiritual healing. Donna channels spirit energy to assist individuals in gaining insights into their lives, offering a clearer perspective on future events, guidance, and wisdom.
With a focus on teaching others to trust their own intuition, she provides psychic readings that are direct and sincere, without sugar-coating. Donna's compassionate nature and integrity have made a positive impact on many, earning her recognition as a trusted psychic guide both in-person and online.

2. Mediumship by Psychic Rhys Wynn Davies

Suite No. 1418 3/100 Campbell St, Bowen Hills QLD 4006, Australia
Rhys Wynn Davies is a renowned psychic medium known for his inspirational work in psychic mediumship and spiritualism. Holding a CSNU in speaking, demonstrating, and teaching mediumship, Rhys has also earned acclaim as an author with his book “How To Talk To The Dead in 10 Easy Steps,” his psychic mediumship training Cards, and his oracle deck “Past, Present & Potential.”
His expertise extends to personal, group, and platform spirit portraits and mediumship readings, captivating large audiences across Australia and internationally in over 12 countries..

3. Intuitive & Psychic Readings by Jeanette Jones

Hawkes Ave, Arana Hills QLD 4054, Australia
Jeanette Jones is a seasoned psychic intuitive with over 60 years of experience in the spiritual realm. She is known for her ability to tune into individual energies and auras, offering guidance through numerology, oracle and tarot cards, and connections with spiritual guides. Clients seek her counsel for a range of issues, from life transitions to daily concerns, drawn by her empathetic listening skills and her reputation for providing clarity and peace of mind.
Testimonials reflect her talent for delivering personalized insights, making her a sought-after figure for those in need of spiritual and mystical guidance.

4. Spiritual Guidance by Kelly Marie

11 Main St, Beenleigh QLD 4207, Australia
Kelly Marie, an Australian medium, possesses the unique ability to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. With extensive mediumship training both locally and internationally, she has honed her skills to offer “evidential mediumship” readings. Her sessions are known for their specificity, providing clients with “proof of receipts” that their loved ones are genuinely communicating from beyond.
Kelly Marie's readings, often infused with humor and emotion, offer a comforting blend of laughter and tears, assuring clients of the continued presence of their departed loved ones in their lives.

5. Clairvoyant, Witch, and Psychic Julia George

61 Hetherington St, Herston QLD 4006, Australia
Julia George is a clairvoyant, witch, and psychic medium whose spiritual journey began in childhood. At six, she played with gumnuts and pretended to be a witch, unknowingly casting her first spell at nine. This instance marked the beginning of a life shaped by spirituality and the pursuit of understanding.
Julia's path led her to various practices, including meditation, aura soma, and rebirthing. Her experiences, both in the corporate world and in spiritual development, have equipped her with a unique blend of skills that she uses to help clients worldwide find purpose and peace.

6. Award-Winning Psychic & Medium Andrew Warnes

10 Hawthorne St, New Farm QLD 4005, Australia
Andrew Warnes, an award-winning psychic with a reputation for accuracy, was a standout candidate for the Australian TV show “The One” in 2011 and was named Psychic of the Year in 2012. His client base spans the globe, and he is known for his lively and approachable style, infusing his readings with intelligence and warmth.
With a background in science and public service, Andrew offers a unique blend of psychic insight and practical guidance, helping individuals navigate life's challenges. He resides in Brisbane, Australia, where he leads a balanced life, incorporating meditation and community engagement into his daily routine.

7. Spiritual Healing by Ben Eden

9 Nord La, Nirimba QLD 4551, Australia
Ben Eden’s journey to becoming a confident medium is a testament to the power of transformation and resilience. Once trapped in a cycle of domestic violence, substance abuse, and self-doubt, Ben’s life took a pivotal turn when he embraced healing and meditation. These practices not only provided solace but also opened a conduit to the spirit world.
Overcoming financial hurdles and personal fears, he honed his mediumship skills, which led to a flourishing practice. Today, as a mentor and coach, Ben shares his profound insights, guiding others to tap into their spiritual abilities and fostering a community of evidential mediums.

8. Readings by Spiritual Medium Catherine L. Richmond

36 Swan St, Shorncliffe QLD 4017, Australia
Catherine L. Richmond is a seasoned spiritual medium with 15 years of experience delving into the afterlife to bring solace and closure to those seeking to connect with loved ones who have passed on. Her approach combines mediumship and intuitive readings with a compassionate touch, ensuring that her clients feel the unmistakable presence of their departed.
Through meditation, affirmations, and past-life regression therapy, Catherine empowers individuals to lead peaceful lives. She offers international readings, touching lives across continents, and maintains her sessions exclusive and affordable, ensuring dedicated attention and accessibility to all.

9. In-depth Consultations With Astrologer Durga Prasad

144 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Renowned for his proficiency in Vedic astrology, Astrologer Durga Prasad has garnered acclaim in for his precise readings and predictions. His decades of experience have been instrumental in guiding individuals through life’s myriad challenges. Esteemed for his in-depth consultations, he offers remedies and astute guidance rooted in ancient traditions.
His commitment to his clientele and his deep astrological insight have solidified his reputation as a sage advisor for those seeking spiritual clarity and direction.

10. Healer Jason McDonald — Natural Spirit Lodge

12 Nursery St, Nundah QLD 4012, Australia
Jason McDonald stands at the helm of the Natural Spirit Lodge, a sanctuary he envisioned as a nexus for spiritual seekers and natural health enthusiasts. His philosophy centers on imparting spirit wisdom and embracing natural well-being. As a beacon for like-minded individuals, Jason’s lodge unites light-workers, healers, and natural healthcare practitioners from diverse locales.
His commitment to fostering self-discovery and a deeper connection with the spiritual realm underpins the lodge's ethos. Jason believes in the transformative power of inner peace and living a life aligned with one's true destiny.

11. Spiritual Guidance by Nigel Saint James

27 Oriole St, Taigum QLD 4018, Australia
Nigel Saint James is a renowned psychic clairvoyant with a strong online presence, particularly noted for his YouTube channel where he delivers astrology insights, tarot readings, and spiritual guidance. Catering to a diverse clientele, including high-profile celebrities, Nigel offers confidential readings that provide clarity on love, career, and life’s direction.
He practices clairvoyance with a non-judgmental approach, ensuring personalized and insightful sessions. With innate clairvoyant abilities since birth, Nigel assists individuals globally through in-person sessions in Brisbane or virtually via FaceTime and Skype, offering a path to peace of mind and informed life choices.

12. Intuitive Guidance by Heart Soul Psychic Medium

13/21 Dixon St, New Farm QLD 4005, Australia
Heart Soul Psychic Medium, led by the gifted Tonia, offers a decade of experience in psychic readings and intuitive guidance. With a background in holistic counselling and meditation training, Tonia provides a serene and confidential atmosphere for clients. Her clairvoyant abilities have served a diverse clientele, offering clarity and hope in various aspects of life, including career, love, and connections with the departed.
Tonia's readings empower individuals, helping them envision a future where they harness their potential to fulfill their aspirations.
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Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson is a highly regarded content writer at Blissful Destiny, professional astrologer, and practicing psychic. With a passion for guiding and enlightening others, Tisha has been making a significant impact in the metaphysical realm since 2014. As a practicing professional psychic, Tisha has provided invaluable guidance and insights to individuals from all walks of life.
Article By
Picture of Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson
Tisha Tompson is a highly regarded content writer at Blissful Destiny, professional astrologer, and practicing psychic. With a passion for guiding and enlightening others, Tisha has been making a significant impact in the metaphysical realm since 2014. As a practicing professional psychic, Tisha has provided invaluable guidance and insights to individuals from all walks of life.
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